After many years working as a dental surgeon and managing a dental health care service in South Wales, I left my job and decided to follow my dream of exploring the creative path I had always yearned for.

I was so lucky. I found the London and Mid Cornwall Jewellery Schools, and between them, they brought out my love with designing and making jewellery. I was so fortunate to learn the many aspects of jewellery making from a group of extremely talented jewellers. Thanks to their skills and patience, I have now developed many varied skills myself, and am still learning every day. I have found my dream.

My greatest love is beautiful art from periods of antiquity, and my favourite medium in jewellery is precious metal clay. It starts its life in a soft clay form, but once in the kiln it transforms magically into pure fine silver. Its clay like texture feeds my love of sculpting and creating art forms. It fosters my creativity, and combined with my passion for Ancient times, it has led me to produce my first three collections,
Blodeuwedd, Isis and Nefer.

My jewellery combines precious metal clay, sterling silver and 24 carat gold with a wide range of beautiful gemstones, and features a lot of beautiful pearls.

I have followed my dream and am on an incredible journey, creating jewellery which tells an extraordinary story from ancient times. By blog will share all my life and my dreams. Soon I hope to set up regular workshops in my studio to share with others what I have learned. Please join me.