Flora Necklace

This necklace has a fine silver piece textured with a classical scene of flora and fauna, which has been enhanced with a layer of 24 carat gold, and oxidised to accentuiate the image. It is placed on a necklace of large lapis gemstones.

Fine Silver Necklace

This delicate necklace is a small tablet of fine silver textured with a scene from ancient Egyptian times. It is beautifully complemented by a silver chain and small lapis gemstones. A beautiful little necklace for day or evening wear.

Beauty Lapis Bracelet

A beautiful bracelet of fine silver textured with a scene from ancient Egyptian times using a special print technique. It is overlaid with 24 carat gold and oxidised to emphasise the heirpglyphs. Complemented with small lapis gemstones.

Beauty Drop Earrings

With scenes form ancient Egyptian times, these fine silver earrings are overlaid with 24 carat gold. These earrings are perfect for daytime or evening wear.

Statement Collar

A beautiful Lapis collar with fine framed silver focal which shows an intricate scene of fish and fowl from classical Ancient Egyptian tomb art. The three strands of faceted lapis rondelles accentuate the delicate effect of the fine texturing on the silver surface. A very special piece which tells a story from antiquity.

Statement Locket

This extraordinary necklace combines an open locket of fine silver which has been textured on the front surface with a scene from an ancient Egyptian tomb, showing classical fauna and flora. The necklace has been designed to create a feeling of mystery, hiding the many secrets of those fascinating ancient times and people. The piece is given opulence with a layer of 24 carat gold. Inside the locket has been oxidised to a matt black, emphasising the mysterious aspects of Egyptian culture, and there is a scribe sitting within the piece, layered with 24 carat gold. Large lapis gemstones have been used to complement the locket. A truly remarkable piece.

Sari Silk Statement Necklace

This long necklace has a large focal made of fine silver textured with hieroglyphs, with an overlay of fine silver textured with lotus leaves and complements with a layer of 24 carat gold. A combination of lapis and cornelian are laced together using intricate sterling silver wire work and then sari silk is used to add a splash of vivid colour to this unique piece. This necklace can be provided with a choice of gemstones and a range of coloured sari silk. Please email or ring me to discuss your detailed requirements.

Beauty Scroll Necklace

This unusual necklace tells stories from ancient Egyptian times, using papyrus impregnated with a print of a scene from an ancient tomb, and wrapped in a band of fine silver with an accent of 24 carat gold. A piece which will attract attention and tell its own story.

Double Layered Pendant

This beautiful necklace has a double layer of fine silver, the larger background piece having a classical Ancient Egyptian pattern oxidised to emphasise its intricacy. The overlay has a scene of flora and fauna from classical Egyptian art which is complmented with an overlay of 24 carat gold. This is placed on a necklace of large lapis gemstones, giving a dramatic effect to this sophisticated piece.

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